Alpine CDE133BT : How To Change The Clock

Here we are going to look at adjusting the clock setting/time on the Alpine CDE133BT. This one is a little tricky. You can actually find this answer on page 9 of your owners manual, but who the hell reads those right!

First find the 'AUDIO' button. It's the button that lets you adjust sound settings like bass or treble. The 'CLOCK ADJ' mode is hidden on this button in the radio's setup menu.The reason I say it's hidden is because

Steering wheel controls: Can I keep them?

Keeping Your Steering Wheel Controls Working

Wondering if you can keep your factory steering wheel controls working when you switch to an aftermarket radio? If you are getting ready to buy a new car stereo, not to worry, you can retain functionality of your steering wheel controls that you love so much. But as with anything in car audio, it comes with a cost.

First off, you don't have to pay to keep your steering wheel controls working. Just understand that if you don't then they won't work. The buttons on your steering wheel were designed to

How Much is Remote Start Installation?

Remote Start Installation Cost

Okay so after scouring the Internet researching remote start pricing I realized no one was actually talking about professional installation price. So I am going to take a moment to try to make it as simple as possible. You can find info about the product, buying tips and the like, but no one talks about installation cost.

Focal IBus 2.1 Review

Focal iBus 2.1

Finally got a chance to order in the Focal iBus 2.1. What a treat. As you can see in the pics, the slimline design will allow for bass applications in many vehicles that are commonly thought to not have enough room for an amp and sub. In this case it was a 2010 Mercedes SLK.