Alpine CDE133BT : How To Change The Clock

Here we are going to look at adjusting the clock setting/time on the Alpine CDE133BT. This one is a little tricky. You can actually find this answer on page 9 of your owners manual, but who the hell reads those right!

First find the 'AUDIO' button. It's the button that lets you adjust sound settings like bass or treble. The 'CLOCK ADJ' mode is hidden on this button in the radio's setup menu.The reason I say it's hidden is because
the button has two layers of functionality. 

If you just click the button, you only are able to access the sound settings. In order to get to the setup menu where you can adjust time, you need to you need to hold the 'AUDIO' button down for about 2 seconds. Once you do this you are in the hidden setup menu and you can change the time in the following steps:

1. Twist the main knob until you see 'GENERAL'

2. Click the main knob. The first thing that should pop up is 'CLOCK ADJ'. If not then just twist the knob again until it say s that

3. When you see 'CLOCK ADJ' just click the knob again to access changing the time.

Once you are in the right area just use the same twisting and clicking commands to change the time and you are done.