Focal IBus 2.1 Review

Focal iBus 2.1

Finally got a chance to order in the Focal iBus 2.1. What a treat. As you can see in the pics, the slimline design will allow for bass applications in many vehicles that are commonly thought to not have enough room for an amp and sub. In this case it was a 2010 Mercedes SLK.

Although this powered sub does offer high level input, we decided to use a line output converter, the LC2I, from AudioControl. A highly recommended solution for grabbing signal from your factory radio.

The iBus unit also allows for powering 2 additional door speakers, hence the 2.1 label. So essentially you have a 3 channel powered sub and amp here that can be picked up for around $750USD. That may sound like a lot of cash, but any time you are trying to fit an amp and sub into a tight space with this kind of sound quality you are going to pay. Generally speaking, the bigger your space issues are, the more you pay. Welcome to car audio. 

After hearing this sub and the front two speakers it powered with the space it uses, I would definitely purchase this item if the money was available. Stay tuned for more vehicles I will be getting this Focal iBus 2.1 into in the near future. 

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