How Much is Remote Start Installation?

Remote Start Installation Cost

Okay so after scouring the Internet researching remote start pricing I realized no one was actually talking about professional installation price. So I am going to take a moment to try to make it as simple as possible. You can find info about the product, buying tips and the like, but no one talks about installation cost.
And since we are talking about remote start, I highly recommend the Clifford 4105X Remote Start that I myself own.

Generally speaking, on cars that are about 2002/2003 or newer, you will be in the
$250-$380 range if you have it professionally installed. You will be closer to the $250 range if you have a car like a 1992 Honda Civic that does not have power locks. You will be closer to the $380 range if you have a newer car like a 2008 Toyota 4Runner with power locks and a factory alarm.

By now you probably want to know why such a big range in price. Well, here are a couple of things that are usually not advertised that your vehicle may or may not need in addition to the box of remote start parts just to remote start the car:

Immobilizer bypass module. On most cars that were made after 2000, the ignition cycle involves the electrical system needing to see the key in the ignition. If there is a chip in your key, the system sees the chip and allows ignition to take place. If it doesn't see the chip then the vehicle is immobilized. The module allows remote start when the key is not present. Hence the name, immobilizer bypass. Essentially, the bypass module tricks your car into thinking your key is in the ignition when it isn't.

The module generally runs about $70 at a retail store. One of the more popular ones on the market is the FLCAN by FlashLogic. They usually don't charge to install it. Prior to the existence of this type of module, the installer would have had to have charged you around $300-$400 to do with this module does.

Relays. Your installer may need to charge you to use one or more relays to build circuits to include such things as parking light flash, or to make your door locks talk to the new remote start locking system. Some cars need relays to turn on such things as a heater or rear window defroster once the car is started. You will generally pay around $30 to $40 dollars for each relay and associated labor for each add on.

Factory Alarm Disarm. If your car has a factory alarm you may pay additional, around $50, for the installer to wire the factory alarm to not sound during the remote start process. You can test to see if you have a factory alarm by rolling down your window and locking the door,and then waiting about 15 seconds and reaching in and opening the door from the inside without your key fob or key. If you have a factory alarm this will trigger it and the alarm will sound. 

Keep in mind that these are all estimates and all vehicles are different. Try not to call around for remote start pricing. Bring your vehicle into the shop so they can see the car and help you select the product and features in person, ensuring you will receive a proper quote.

The only times I see quotes outside of the $250-$380 range is if there are additional convenience features chosen by the customer, such as trunk pop or rear window defrost. Or if its a high end or brand new vehicle that does not have wiring information available online, and the installer has to use his experience to manually wire everything to make the system work.