Can I keep my factory 6 disc CD changer?

If you are wanting to know whether or not you can keep your factory 6 disc CD changer when you install a new radio, the answer is pretty simple, it is no. Today we will take a moment to talk about the reasons why. In order to understand why, we must first talk about the two different types of factory 6 disc CD changers, in-dash and external.

With the in-dash, its self-explanatory, the CD changing unit is mounted in your dash. It is literally part of the factory head unit.  So it makes sense that if you decide to switch to an aftermarket radio, you will lose all functionality of the changer because it will leave with the factory radio.

As for the external CD changer, well this can be mounted in a variety of locations depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle. Some are mounted just below the radio in the dash, while others can be mounted in center consoles, armrests, under seats and in the trunk.

By now you might be asking why the aftermarket hasn’t made provisions for keeping your CD changer. Well the obvious answer is portable media, including smartphones and tablets. Any one of these devices can be plugged into the auxiliary port of your new radio, making CD changers almost obsolete. And with the onset of streaming internet radio and music, your content becomes unlimited once you switch to an aftermarket radio.

Another reason the market has moved away from 6 disc changers is that they are high maintenance. With so many moving parts it is just a matter of time before yours fails. Not to mention, when your changer does fail, it is almost impossible to find a local repair shop. The cost of a new radio is what you will pay to have that CD changer repaired. So don’t waste your time and just make the switch. I promise you won’t regret it.

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