Find Your Missing Radio Harness Online

The harness that comes out of the back of the radio you are about to install is an absolute necessity in order to complete installation of that radio. Here we will talk about where you can find that harness if you have misplaced it.

The easiest place to find said harness is online if you have the time to wait for it. The best place to go is a site called

1. All you have to do is go to the home page and click on 'Model Number'...

2. Then type in the model number of  the radio in question into the 'Model Number' field and click 'Search'...

3. Then you will see a list of parts available for that radio to scroll down in which you can search for your desired part...

Other than that there is always eBay. You'd be surprised at how many harnesses are listed there. I would say that your only other option after that would be checking with your local car audio shop. If the radio you are missing a harness to isn't obsolete, one of their installers may have the harness sitting in their toolbox for a rainy day that they may be willing to sell you.

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