2015 Tacoma Subwoofer With Custom Enclosure

2015 Toyota Tacoma 4 Door Custom Subwoofer EnclosureThis subwoofer enclosure has a fiberglass back that is molded into the space that is behind the rear drivers seat. The front of the box is made of 3/4" MDF and is also carpeted.

It takes most of the day to fabricate this subwoofer enclosure mostly because
of the drying/curing time needed for the fiberglass.

The subwoofer used is a JL Audio 10W1V32. It is the 2 ohm version. We selected the 2 ohm version in order to be able to get maximum power draw from the amp.

 We like this subwoofer for this location because it gives us a lot of excursion in a really tight space. You may also want to do a grill cover here...depending on how tight your fit is. You don't want this subwoofer hitting the back of the seat while it is playing.