2009 Honda CRV with Apple CarPlay

Here we have a 2009 Honda CRV with Apple CarPlay via a Pioneer SPH-DA120 double din head unit. This installation is pretty straight forward. All you will need is the aftermarket stereo and the parts listed below. And don't forget about keeping your steering wheel controls. Like your volume up and down buttons if you have them.

I would recommend having it professionally installed. Some of these units need updating out of the box and that's something you won't want to mess with. Finished result is a really clean look that will definitely improve the appearance of your dash and give you updated functionality. Might even save you from having to trade in your car!

By now I have installed dozens of these CarPlay units into Honda CRV's with next to zero problems after install. I recommend you head down to your nearest Pioneer dealer and check one out. 

Parts Needed for Install

  • Dash Kit: 99-7873
  • Wiring Harness: 70-1722
  • Antenna Adapter: 40-HD10
  • Steering Wheel Control Module: SWI-RC 

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