Free Aftermarket Radio Install Parts Checklist

Aftermarket Radio Install Parts Checklist
Parts needed for most Aftermarket Radio Installs
with links to resources to find them

  • Dash Kit - allows you to mount the head unit into the hole created when the factory radio is removed with a kit that will make the new radio look like it came from the factory (find your radio install kit)

  • Wiring Harness - allows you to plug into the factory audio wiring without cutting off any factory plugs, thus making it easier to return to factory or troubleshoot any problems down the road (find your radio wiring harness)

  • Data Retention Harness - instead of a regular wiring harness, some cars need to retain data sent through the radio via the vehicle's on-board diagnostic computer. At around the year 2002 manufacturers started running data through their radios. See your local professional car audio shop if you are not sure if you need a data retention harness. (find your data retention harness)

  • Antenna Adapter - you want to be able to get your favorite radio channels on your new head unit right? Then you may need one of these! (find your antenna adapter)

  • Steering Wheel Control Module - if you want your volume up/down or source button on your steering wheel to continue working, then you will need this module (find your steering wheel control module)

  • Satellite Radio Tuner Module - odds are your satellite radio will go away when you pull out your factory head unit since it is built in. This module can plug into your new head unit if the head unit has a feature called 'SiriusXM Ready'. This feature is always printed on the box of the new head unit or on the face of the aftermarket radio. (find a SiriusXM Ready tuner)

  • Video Integration Harness - if your vehicle has a rear entertainment system, i.e.- and overhead DVD or headrest DVD system, you may need a video integration harness if you wish to retain its functionality. (find your video integration harness)

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